Clearly, I’m new to blogging. Clearly, I’m still finding my way. Do you ever find yourself pulling back from the things you want most so you can hide away? It’s not one of my better qualities. It’s one that usually I can keep caged. However, when it comes to writing this urge to hide becomes monsterous. I’ve been trying to figure out the direction I want to go. You would think this would be easy. It’s not. I have a deep love of books, writing, photography, and of course my kids. I’m opinionated, occasionally scatterbrained, and driven all at the same time. It’s very busy in my head. I’ve come to describe it as akin to having too many tabs open on your computer screen. Oh, and fair warning I’ve been known to ramble. When I first started this blog I intended to share book reviews, the occasional more personal post, my own writing (which I also share on my Instagram @workinprogress.beautifulwords ) and some of my favorite photographs. I’m still inclined to go that direction. I just have to get past the thought that no one wants to hear what I’ve got to share.

I was thrilled when my school email contained an invite for a workshop on blogging. We had our first session tonight, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next few webinars take us. One of our projects is going to be creating (or sharing) our blog. So at the last minute I did it. I sent my link out. I was slightly terrified because again, clearly, I’m just beginning. Then I reminded myself, I along with roughly 200 other people signed up for the same webinar series. We all want to grow, learn, and follow our passions.

Here’s to recommitting to the things I want. Here’s to continuing to learn and grow. Here’s to silencing that voice in my head that says I have nothing to say.


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