The Witch’s Book of Shadows- Review

I found this book to be quite informative. I think that the author managed to blend his personal uses with historical facts and tidbits seamlessly. I have always been interested in magical and witchy things. However, I am quite the novice when it comes down to how comfortable I would be giving out facts. I had often wondered about the Book of Shadows having seen them referenced in books, movies, and television. I’ve seen some in bookstores themselves, and always wondered about that. To me a book of shadows is a personal item. I was eager to read this book to gain a better understanding of the purpose and connection witches have to their book of shadows, and what goes into them. I found it especially interesting when he discussed having more than one book of shadows, and the evolution of each throughout his work with the Craft. For someone who is curious about the history, or is beginning their steps along the path to witchcraft, I’d suggest this book as a good place to begin.


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