FREEKS- Review

I started and finished Freeks by Amanda Hocking over the course of a weekend. I just couldn’t put it down. As a reader, I have pretty eclectic taste in reading material. Considering I’m in my early thirties, I probably shouldn’t admit that Young Adult books are among my favorites. We will just consider it’s my way of tipping my hat to seventeen year old me who was far too serious and restricted. I was intrigued when I read the description for Freeks. Up until now I had not experienced any of Amanda Hocking’s work. She truly weaves a story that you experience along with the characters. It was not the run of the mill vampy teen angst type story. Oh there are plenty of supernatural aspects that pull you in. Each of which is handled so subtly it’s enchanting. Every character has an individual story that easily could be delved into. However, when it comes to each of their special quirks it is just matter of fact, a piece of who they are. Each has experienced some sort of heartache or tragedy as a result of being gifted with a little bit extra. Knowing that leaves you feeling overwhelmed with compassion. Amanda’s characters are relatable and likable. I loved how the author dated the story with reference to a song. One of my first thoughts as I started this journey into the freak show was what the time period was. For myself, I had always thought of freak shows being a thing of the distant past. However, the concept of people being excluded for being different is an ongoing reality so to imagine this taking place in a more modern time (well as modern as the 80’s could be) is striking. I was saddened to reach the last page, because I wanted their stories to continue. There is just so much more to tell. I hope that Amanda plans to delve further into the lives and histories of the characters she has brought to life in Freeks. I will be eagerly anticipating updates on that front. While I love getting to read the electronic copies, this is one book that I will have to buy a physical copy of as soon as it’s available (January 3, 2017).


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