The Most Wonderful Time- Review

I just finished The Most Wonderful Time by Fern Michaels, Stacy Finz, Sarah Title, and Shirlee McCoy.  I just have to say this is the perfect book to ease you into the holiday spirit. Each story reinforced the belief in the magic of the holidays, and the joy in finding love. Each of these stories are truly heartwarming tales. This book is a must read, especially if you have a fondness for holidays, romance, or Hallmark movies because this book will make you think of all of those things.

Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors, I particularly love her Sisterhood novels. I believe this is the first holiday tale of her that I have read. This particular story had all of the elements you want to find in a feel good holiday read. While I truly enjoyed this story, I felt that it could have benefited from being a standalone book. I think the challenges her characters were facing were the perfect mix for a story of overcoming life’s heartaches and finding your way back to the life you dream of. This was a sweet story, and that is probably why I wanted more. Because it was condensed you could predict pretty well the direction things were going, but that didn’t detract from the pleasure of reading it at all. This is a lovely, light-hearted holiday story.

Stacy Finz is new to me. I absolutely loved this story. I could picture myself walking through the streets of this town. This story is designed to get under your skin and make you fall in love with the characters. While there were some expected elements, she was able to propel the story forward and keep the reading wondering if the two main characters were ever going to get out of their own way. I could easily see this story, and the supporting characters being expanded upon and turned into a series (assuming she hasn’t done that already). I think the additional characters each have a story to be told and a love to be found. I would absolutely love to read more!

Sarah Title is another new to me author. I love her style of writing so much. This story was fantastic. The wedding scene brought tears to my eyes as I pictured every detail down to the fiddle. The setting and details were lovely and so rich you could practically see and feel every inch of this West Virginia town. The main characters were perfect. They were each quirky, humble, and real. You felt as if you were standing next to them as they began to learn each other. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw as a twist to the ending. It kept the story from being typical and expected. I had anticipated them running into each other’s arms, but the way the story actually ended was perfect for who they were and for their storyline. I loved everything about this one.

Shirlee McCoy is another author I was previously unaware of, but you can believe I am a fan now. The best part about falling in love with this story is the fact that she’s already created a series surrounding this family and town, and this was finally one characters much deserved spotlight. I can’t wait to dive into the other books in this series. If you haven’t read her work either this is a good place to start. Simply because it won’t ruin anything for you to see this character finally get what she deserves. This story brought Christmas magic to life. It was a lovely reminder that true love will always be found again, even if you misplace it for a bit. There are just so many wonderful aspects to her writing. She breathes life into these characters, and you can feel their pain along with their joy. It’s a magical experience for a reader.


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