Wicked Intentions: Review

Elizabeth Hoyt’s Wicked Intentions is captivating. I have read a few of her books before, but had not come across her Maiden Lane Series. The cover art is lovely and it caught my attention first, however, it was the description that drew me in. I was hooked instantly, and did not want to put it down. A difficult task when you still have to work and take care of kids, however, every spare moment I could find (and a few I created) were devoted to reading this book. Wicked Intentions is part one of her Maiden Lane Series, and she does a masterful job of introducing her main characters and their personal stories without taking focus off of the two central characters of this novel. You become invested in these characters. You have a desperate need to understand why they are who they are. Hoyt’s writing is powerful and seductive. There is a sensual aspect that will make your pulse race. She also delves into areas that one would not expect from a historical novel, but it’s so well done it doesn’t seem out of place. One of my favorite aspects of this novel is the underlying theme of wanting and needing to be loved for exactly who and what you are. The characters pain and challenges are so tangible you cannot help but feel what they are feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and am eagerly anticipating the next in line.


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