Blog: New Ventures

I have always had a deep love of books. There is just a special magic in the way we can string words together to create mental pictures that are so real you forget which world you belong to for a time. I have always written. Poems, stories, thoughts, ideas, dreams. I have journaled and captured as many words on the page as I do photographs (which let me tell you is a lot I’m addicted to photos and moments as much as I am beautiful words). I have always been nervous about sharing my words with others. Even though this fear of sharing and exposing the deepest recesses of my mind could be overwhelming, the desire to write and express never failed. Through the not so gentle prompting of a close friend who basically asked why I wasn’t chasing my dream and making it a reality and the unfailing support of my best friend…I took that leap and created this page and an Instagram account to match. I’ve begun sharing my words, and even some of my favorite photographs with the world at large. This has been terrifying, and deeply satisfying. Once I got out of my own way the words just started flowing better and more frequently. Sometimes we need to be shoved out of our comfort zone to find our real place in this world. It turns out it is very true, your life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If you stumble across my words, I hope they find a way to touch you. Until then, I will be busy chasing my dreams and creating until the ink runs dry.


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